The trouble with bonding different materials….

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Is knowing what information can help identify the right adhesive tape

We love working with our customers to find the right solution to their tape challenges. Often, we are asked how to overcome an application issue found in industrial and manufacturing processes – the art of getting different materials to bond together.

With commonly used materials such as plastics, metals, rubber and wood exhibiting such different properties, especially under extreme or volatile conditions for example temperature, humidity or exposure to U/V light, it is vital we understand individual applications before making an adhesive tape recommendation.

The adhesive tapes we supply to our customers have essential benefits to meet bonding challenges, such as the ability to adapt well to surface and contour changes and high stability under dynamic conditions.

To find the right adhesive tape, it helps to know the surface energy, characteristics and expansion/contraction at temperature criteria of our customers’ materials. These elements of the application should be given priority within the buying process, closely followed by aesthetic properties and functional characteristics.

With thorough application information and our knowledge and expertise, we supply our customers time and again with the correct adhesive tape.

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